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Hindu Samhati Welcomes Ayodhya Verdict

Posted by hindusamhati on October 1, 2010

We welcome the historic verdict by the Allahabad High Court. This decision undoubtedly vindicates the belief of one Billion Hindus the world over that the so called disputed site of Ayodhya is the birthplace of Sri Ramchandra.

The judgment also vindicates the historical truth that the foreign invader Babar built the disputed structure on the ruins of a Grand Hindu Temple. All the three honorable judges of the bench unanimously stated that the deity of ‘Ramlala’ will not be removed from the present altar and ‘puja’ will continue. Overall, this long awaited judgement is a victory of Truth and Justice.

But, at the same time we are disappointed by that portion of the judgement where one-third of the land has been awarded to the Muslims. It is unconceivable how a piece of land so near to the ‘Janmasthan’ can belong to followers of a different religious faith. In our opinion, it does not reflect total justice. It seems to be only a compromise formula.

Now, the Muslims of this country and their advocates should accept this truth pronounced by the Judiciary of The Land and concede to the Hindus to build a Grand Ram Temple at the site and thus create a new chapter of National Integrity.

Prokash Chandra Das

On Behalf of Central Committee

Hindu Samhati

Kolkata, October 1st, 2010


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HS to Launch Protest March from Barasat to Deganga on 18th September, 2010

Posted by hindusamhati on September 15, 2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

HS to Launch Protest March from Barasat to Deganga

In protest of the massive persecution of Hindus by the local Muslim population in Deganga, Hindu Samhati, led by its President Tapan Kumar Ghosh, has organized a protest march on 18th September, 2010. It will start from Kachari Maidan, Barasat at 11 am. Hindus, across all economic stratas are expected to join and march together to express their solidarity and fraternity with the Hindus of Deganga.

Posted by Hindu Samhati’s International Communications Team

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What happened to Deganga ? Bengali Hindus Are Facing Existential Threat in Deganga.

Posted by hindusamhati on September 12, 2010

Pictorial message of Deganga for the secularist politician, media and the intelligentsia of India.

Posted by hinduexistence on September 11, 2010

Pictures not for those head is screwed, eyes are closed and sensation got blanked.

Deganga Riot Pics – September 2010

Below are the pictures of the Deganga Riots collected by the Hindu Samhati Investigation team.

Deganga tense but peaceful : Saugar Sengupta reports for Daily pioneer from Kolkata : Peace ‘because the perpetrators of violence were busy with festivities’…’rioters had contacted notorious criminals like Gaffar Haji and Harun Rashid’ to attack Hindu villagers.


Broken Murti at the Kali temple.


Desecrated and broken Murti – close up.


This is a West Bengal Police Jeep – pushed into the pond by the huge mob of jihadi rioters, after the policemen were beaten up.


A Police truck burned to a cinder.


Military trucks of the Indian Army at Deganga.


A man watches a ransacked house.


A humble home de-roofed – that’s the stuff communal harmony is made of, just before Eid too!


Ransacked shop.


Another ransacked shop.


Ransacked home.


A lady wails before her destroyed home as neighbours watch.


Burnt out home.


A man looks through the ashes of his home, maybe to pick up the remains of his life.


Same man, holding a partially burnt book – looks like a child’s school book.


Burnt home.


Another home burnt and ransacked.


Burnt home. The surprising fact is the utensils of the hapless family are still there, they have not been looted. Maybe with the army at their heels the jihadis didn’t have the time. It is also quite difficult to be fleet footed when you are weighed down with plunder. Well, better luck next time. (There will be a next time, don’t you worry)


Home burnt to a cinder. The half burnt calendar on the wall shows a picture of Baba Loknath – one of the popular Hindu saints of Bengal.


Broken tube well.


The bone of contention, the Durga Mandap – this is permanent structure where Durga Puja, the biggest Bengali religious festival is held every year. The land behind the Mandap is a deserted and disputed graveyard whose ownership is sub judice in court. This place is called ‘Chattal Palli’. It would be immediately apparent to any Bengali speaking person that this village was set up by Hindu refugees of partition from the district of Chattagram or Chittagong in East Bengal.


Durga Mandap – pandal for this years Puja is being constructed.


Durga mandap – close up.


Trouble spot. This narrow unmetalled path connects the Durga Mandap and Chattal palli to the main road. The local Muslims started to dig a canal across this path to isolate both Durga mandap and the village from the main road. They have already laid a claim on the disputed graveyard. Isolation would aid them to grab the temple land at the earliest opportunity. The local Hindus resisted.


The poster reads – Why were the Hindus assaulted under the leadership of the Hindu haters Miraz, Maqluqar, Sohrab and Taleb (local Muslim goons and petty politicos)? We deamand an answer from the government. Signed – The Villagers.


Hindu demonstration at Deganga. Police present in full force.


Local Hindus demonstrate on the main road.






The poster reads – Ratna Roychowdhurir greftaar chai (we want Ratna Roychowdhury arrested) Ratna Roychowdhury (Hindu), a local TMC heavyweight allegedly pressurised the police not to take any drastic action when rioting was going on full scale.


The posters read – Haji tumi hunshiyar (Haji, you are warned), Nurul hajir greftaar chai (we want Nurul Haji arrested). This refers to Haji Nurul Islam, the MP of Bashirhat of the Trinamool Congress party.







Local Hindu ladies demonstrate against the outrage.


The poster reads – We want the persecutors of the Hindus to be arrested.

Dear visitors, you have the mollycoddling report of the Indian Media of a very serious outrage and you have our pictographic report. Now decide for yourself. The Bengali Media reports that groups like Hindu Samhati and Prabasi are fanning the communal fires and vilifying Haji Nurul Islam, the TMC MP of Bashirhat. Its the locals who state that the Haji is responsible.

Posted by Hindu Samhati International Media Communications Team.

Hindu Existence demands :

1. Immediate resignation of Haji Nurul Islam, M.P. of Basirhat, N 24 Pgs. for his alleged role involving Deganga Riot.

2.  CBI Investigation to reveal the role of Haji Nurul Islam behind Deganga Riot.

3. Safety and Security of Hindus of Deganga along with compensation and rehabilitation of Riot Victims.

See here :Bengali Hindus Are Facing Existential Threat in Deganga – North 24 Parganas District of West Bengal, India

Courtesy : Hindu Samhati, Hindu Existence, Bengal Spotlight, Daily Pioneer and PROBASHI USA.

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